Youth Camp

Our Mission-kids camp was an amazing seven days. The topic for the week was “Endurance”. Living in an atheist environment places a great deal of pressure on the faith of young believers. But they radiate the love of Christ in so many ways it was an incredible 7 days and nights together. We had 84 kids from all over the Czech Republic and Europe.  

Along with 3 other men, Drew taught on perserverence. The subject of Martyrdom came up a lot! I taught a drama class during the free times. The young kids did the story of Jonah (inside the belly of a Whale, there are some very disturbing sounds! ) and the older kids did a teaching drama called “the Whisperers.” This one was based on C.S. Lewis’ book, “The Screwtape Letters.” I made these robe/costumes out of some curtains we recently put up in our flat. Thus my sisters are now comparing me to the nun in “The Sound of Music.”

This camp is truly a highlight for the youth. Lifelong bonding takes place and it was beautiful to watch God work in the hearts of the kids.