The Bridge Ministry Centre

Would Jesus put His Church on a street filled with sex clubs?

Matthew 11:19 The Son of Man came eating and drinking, and they say, ‘Look at him! A glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners!’ Yet wisdom is justified by her deeds.” 

Jesus broke the rules of conventional religion.  He came to us in midst of our broken to show us God's love.  

For months we had been praying for God to show us the right place to have an ongoing ministry presence in the city.  We have a wonderful facility we rent on Sunday's for services but it is not suitable or available for ministry through the week and it is not in an area that is frequented by internationals.  After many failed attempts to rent space where the owners did not want a church.  We gave up and prayed, "God if this is your will, bring us the location."  Two days later we got a call from a friend about some Czech believers who own a building on Ve Smeckah street that are looking to rent out a restaurant space but they do not want to rent to the sex clubs.  The owners want the light of Christ to shine on this street to offer hope in the darkness.

Ve Smeckah street has numerous sex clubs.  In truth several of them are brothels. The street which is about 400 meters long, ends at Wenceslas Square one of the busiest places in all of Prague with tens of thousands of pedestrians every day.  The Square is also where all 3 Metro (Subway) lines intersect.  It is the very heart of this beautiful city.  And it is a place of incredible brokenness and need.  During the night the area is filled with prostitutes and pimps.  Prague is the number one destination for Stag parties from all over Europe because the beer and sex is so cheap.  During the day time the street is more quite and often filled with travelers.  But even then in the Pasaz (passage ways between buildings) it is not uncommon to see drug users shooting up.  Prague is a city that is spiritually dark.  Recent statics show that 90% of the people consider themselves atheist.  But there is a spiritual openness here.

We are in the process of exploring how to remodel the space for ministry use and to explore a partnership for a cafe to be at the core of its operation.  Jesus came eating and drinking.  And we believe we are to follow His example in connecting with the lost sharing meals with them and show them the love of Jesus.

Jesus method was brilliant.  By practicing radical hospitality and eating with "sinners," Jesus broke down the barriers and expectations that keep so many from discovering how much God loves them.  He went to them and entered their world.  We want to use the same methods to connect with Internationals and Czech's here in Prague.  For the church to be salt and light to our world we have to go where the people are and form relationships with them.   One way we can do that is to make our gathering and work place a "Cafe" where people can sit across the table from one another and form relationships with lost people.  Our ministry target is Internationals who are living away from home.  By having a Cafe environment that caters to their interests and has events and activities designed for their needs we will have huge opportunities to share the love and truth of Christ with those who would never enter a church service.

The Bridge Center has been an incredible instrument of ministry.  We have birthed 5 new churches out of the Bridge. weekly homeless ministry, Refugee ministry and multiple small groups and bible studies all use the Bridge each week.