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For several months we have been remodeling a former restaurant in the center of Prague to be a ministry Center for the International Church of Prague. The construction is now complete and we are equipping the center with a kitchen for homeless ministry and outreach, a youth space complete with table tennis, foosball and other games. A central hall for worship teaching, and to do drama and arts as outreaches.

For Worship - This new center will host a Czech language church on Sunday's, the International Church of Prague will begin a second worship service during the week and we will do community wide nights of worship in multiple languages once a month.

For Outreach - This space will host our homeless outreach for feeding and clothing those in need. It is also the center for outreach to those imprisoned in human trafficking and sex trade. We will facilitate our refugee ministry from here as well to have a collecting place for clothing for refugees.

Youth Ministry - The space will be used for a city wide Youth Praha gathering each week. This gathering has roots in all five of the international schools in Prague as well as several Czech high schools.

Apologetics - We have recruited a new couple from England to join our staff beginning this summer. They have great experience in outreach to unbelievers. We will begin a new ministry to university students that features spiritual questions dialogues. Please pray for this couple as they begin fund raising to come and join this mission. They will also direct the music and arts outreach as well as work with our youth. 

Music and Arts Outreach - Beginning next fall we will use the center to host drama, dance and music outreaches to connect with internationals and Czechs. Prague is a very arts oriented city and we believe we can use the arts as a bridge to share the gospel.

The Ministry Center Location - The Bridge Center is a former restaurant space 200m off of Vaclavska Namesti (Wenceslas Square). All three metro lines are accessible within about 350 meters from this location. It is truly in the heart of the city and will enable a wide variety of ministries and outreaches to happen.

Please pray that God will make this very fruitful for bringing people to faith in Christ Jesus. 

Europe is overflowing with refugees.  The Conflict in Ukraine is very personal for the congregation of the International Church of Prague as we have many Ukrainian  and Russian Families in our congregation.  Therefore we have and ongoing outreach to those who are displaced by the conflict.  

Refugees from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan are also regularly entering the  Czech Republic.  Some will end up living here but it is a slow and complicated process.  But we have an opportunity to take the gospel to these people in ways we never could have done in the home countries.  Currently these refugees are in detention  centers , basically imprisoned.  We and our partners are one of only two non-government groups that are being allowed access to the refugees.  Please pray for opportunities to reach them with the Gospel.

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