Carols and Care

When was the last time you went Christmas caroling? We have no idea of the blessings and opportunities we have this time of year. Are we taking advantage of them? Do we even consider stepping out of our homes on cold Christmas nights, to share the “Good News of great joy?” So many in the world around us spiritually reside in a bitter cold darkness; hopeless and hunger for truth.  

For the last year, blankets, gloves, coats, hats, etc. have been collected for the refugees. But the generosity has only grown and is now blessing the poor on the streets of Prague. Although we’ve only gone out a few nights, they’ve been unforgettable moments. The reactions of those on the city streets, have been very positive. One young woman, stopped her stroller (with 2 little ones,) to listen. Although she kept a small distance, it was obvious that she wanted her children to hear “Silent Night” and other Czech worship songs we’d learned. Some joined us as we sang, which opened the doors to conversation. One group of men stopped, to listen and talk with us. After some prayer, one of the gentlemen (from Ukraine) who lives in the park by the train station said, “Don’t give up on the people of this land. They need hope!”

One group of homeless men and women approached us, to ask if we would sing a specific song for one of them. The woman had lost her husband in the past week and wanted to hear his favorite Christmas carol. We prayed and talked with them for quite a while. Our supplies of gloves, hats and blankets were in a parking lot close by, for it was more than we could carry. Drew went to get them, and when he returned, it was such a blessing to be able to encourage these hurting ones. She told us that early that morning, she had prayed to God for “hope,” and that she had received it that night. How humbling and amazing to get to be used for His purposes!    


We’re so looking forward to next year, when International Church of Prague will have a place in the center of the city to store and share supplies for this ministry and supply hot meals to those in need. 

We have great reason to sing. But let us not just sing in the closed areas of a church building, but rather let the church go out singing “Joy to the world, the Lord has come. Let earth receive her King!”