Celebrating what God has done in the last year

Below is a pictorial video of some of the events God enabled us to do in the last year at International Church of Prague


Drew and Becky Stephens

Serving the  Lord Jesus  in the Czech Republic through the International Church of Prague and Cord Ministries International.

Reaching the Nations from Prague

Our ministry in Prague is truly international in its scope.  Each week we connect with individuals and families from over 35 different nations.  We are able to serve people from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Poland, USA, Canada, Chile, Philippines, Lebanon, Iran, Sweden, Norway, Japan, China, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Mexico, Finland, Haiti, Russia, Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and many more.  

The English Language is a connecting bridge to these peoples and it provides a unique opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Czech Republic is considered by many to be the most atheist/agnostic country in the world and yet there is a freedom to share the gospel that is truly a work of God's grace.  We are able to have worship in public gathering places and to freely share the love of Christ.